” Korean language ”


Koreans use both Hangal, the Korean language, and Hanja, Chines language.

The Korean language relates to the Ural-Altaic language group which also similar to Turkish. Once upon a time in Korea, there were various Korean tongues. but in the seventh century when The three kingdom one, they unified Korean tongue into one language.

Nowadays, Korean speak one Korean language and write the Korean alphabet, Hangul, whice was invented in 1443 by king Sejong the Great.


  •  “Hangul” is a true alphabet of 24 consonant and vowel letters. However, instead of being written sequentially like the letters of the Latin alphabet, Hangul letters are grouped into blocks, such as 한 han, each of which transcribes a syllable. That is, although the syllable 한 han may look like a single character, it is composed of three letters: ㅎ h, ㅏ a, and ㄴ n. Each syllabic block consists of two to five letters, including at least one consonant and one vowel. These blocks are then arranged horizontally from left to right or vertically from top to bottom. The number of mathematically possible blocks is 11,172, though there are far fewer possible syllables allowed by Korean phonotactics, and not all phonotactically-possible syllables occur in actual Korean words. 

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